Services List
  • Exterior painting
  • Interior painting
  • Perfect ColorMatch
  • Almost-perfect color matching for exteriors (the sun makes it hard on us)
  • Color consultation
  • Work with independent contractors
  • In-home estimates
  • Exterior paint removal
Featured Service
Color Consultation
Are you having trouble to choose the right combination of colours? Then avail suggestion of our most experienced colour consultant across the Haber field NSW region. In the recent years AT Painting & Maintenance harbour some of the best experts who are highly informative and enlightening. They will basically provide an in depth analysis of the paints which are to be used. Generally these experts will explain the qualities of colour which are needs to be used so that it meets up the demands and need of our most valued patron.
Unique Services

Paint removal
In order to remove both exterior and interior paint all our skilful does is take the aid of sand papers which are efficient and effective enough to remove lead based paints. Apart from sand paper use of stripping paper, scraping equipments have increased by a rapid pace. Solvents are another form of chemical residue which can disappear whole of it within a split second of time. Other than solvent chemically stripping paint is yet another solution which can clean up these residues within an instance.

Perfect colour match
With the advancement of technology it become easy for painting agencies to take aids of such kinds of devices with the aid of it different kinds of Eco friendly paints can easily be colour matched within a wink of an eye. It is engineered in such a way that it can easily identify varied ranges of colour differences, stain and swirl marks that exist between the interior as well as that of exterior painting as a whole.